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A passenger without mask deplaned, placed behind bars

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Passengers have in a unanimous decision, backed with concerted action, though without a prior verbal agreement, deplaned another lone traveller in a Delta airline leaving Salt Lake City International Airport and heading for San Francisco, USA.

The male passenger by name, Joshua Colby Council, 44, made a last-minute rush to board the aeroplane just before the gate was closed.

Mr Council, who made frantic effort to catch the flight, was not wearing a face mask as stipulated in the new normal that now prevails in air transport globally. Bad that Council was allowed into the airport without wearing a mask, but also exited the gate in that same condition.

As soon as Council took his seat, the flight attendants reminded him that it was imperative for him to fully comply with the new protocol for air travellers by wearing a face mask. Council viciously resisted all entreaties for him to wear a face mask.

However, the AVSEC officer manning the gate called Council attention to the need to wear a max as he was racing to board the aircraft, yet he was adamant.

Hence, the Cockpit crew joined the cabin crew and again persuaded the recalcitrant passenger on the importance of saving himself and fellow passengers from being infected with covid-19. This obstinate passenger stuck to his ground and rebuffed all entreaties.

According to the report filed by Delta airline, the flight crew had no choice but to call the police, which they promptly did.

Remember, other passengers in the cabin were already exasperated as their patience got exhausted as soon as delay went past 15 minutes.

Salt Lake Airport Police Officer, accompanying an unruly passenger to the court of Justice

However, when the police boarded the aeroplane and employed all known gentlemanly means of persuasion to enable the unmasked passenger to deplane voluntarily, the cops too were resisted.

At this juncture, the passengers on board pulled the last wand when they all stood from their seàts, moved towards the incorrigible passenger, gave him a piece of their mind and deplaned. Sooner the obstinate passenger was alone in the cabin. He shamefully deplaned, after he had caused 45 minutes delay.

In a clime where institutions are respected and not personalities, the cops bounced on this unruly passenger, got him forcefully arrested.

Mr Joshua Colby Council, 44, was booked into Salt Lake County jail on a disorderly conduct charge. He was released the following day, last Thursday morning, though less than 24 hours behind bars.

In a tweet by Delta airline to its numerous guests, it stated, “We apologize to customers for the delay on Flight 1382 on Wednesday as a passenger was removed from the flight for mask non-compliance,”

So, for this passenger’s error of omission, or was it an error of commission?, { kindly let’s know what were the infractions by this passenger} he spent between 10 and 12 hours behind bars.

Kindly share whatever you have identified as an object lesson(s) in this unruly passenger’s conduct

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