May 31, 2023

Nigeria Transport Hub

…the epicentre for all transport modes

About Us

Nigeria Transport Hub provides the pulse of each of the modes of transportation in the entire transport industry in the nation’s economy and globally.

Nigeria Transport Hub offers tested, proven and workable solutions to challenges in all facets of transportation. It advocates for safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and wealth creating transport policy. It places premium on efficient and effective use of inter modal transportation to create wealth through smooth mobility of labour and goods in affordable fare which will in-turn translates to profit for operators, investors and even the regulator.

All these are being done through news reports, organizing of seminars, media advocacy on the rights and responsibilities of the industry players- passengers, operators, cargo handlers, terminal/garage managers, investors- while our opinion/editorial, news talk/analysis, are assisting stakeholders to separate fact from fallacy.


Linear communications is a multimedia organization which deploys her expertise to help convey developmental messages in their various forms to target audience and ensure overt action in response to well knitted messages dispatched to different target groups on transportation, tourism and hospitality.

Anyone or organizations that desirous of product launch, behavioural change advocacy campaign, product and service visibility could talk to us for excellent result.


To publish facts on each of the modes of transportation that thrives-: rail, road, air, water and cable, in a way to inspire informed decision on the means of transportation on domestic, regional and international travels.

To also engage service providers on how to achieve steady flow of movement of passengers at a price though not prohibitive but profitable for all stakeholders. Our activities are also designed to inspire investment in the transportation sector of the national economy.


To promote a seamless transportation hub where everyone will effortlessly source the means of transportation desired at a modest fare and also guaranteed of quality service that represents value for the fare and profit for service provider. Where safety and security will be the most paramount consideration in the transportation demand and supply chain.


Linear Communications, the publisher of Nigeria Transport Hub, is at all times abreast of innovations in the transportation sector.

Innovations pertaining to the machines be it aircraft, helicopter, automobile, train coaches, ferries, boats and for the horizontal transport, are regularly placed in the front burner. Modern procedures in the management of each modes of transportation are at our finger tips and are availed interested enquirers.

Linear Communications through her sister firm, Linear Skies, broker leasing arrangement for aircraft acquisition, wet lease or dry lease. Franchise is also arranged in all the modes of transportation. A call to our hotline 07087221993 helps you separate the wheat from the chaff.


Nigeria Transport Hub, NTH, constantly seek to push back the frontier of travel and hospitality by increasing the knowledge and interest of over 200 million Nigerian population in domestic travel.
NTH’s tourism frontier is promoting leisure and business travels through social inclusiveness and poverty reduction to achieve sustainable economic growth.

The cultural values in most populous black nation as highlighted in her festivals, rites, rituals, cultures and arts are being honed not for the domestic tourists alone, but for the international communities to savour.


A destination of choice such as Nigeria, the indisputable giant of Africa, with her enormous potential for domestic travel, coupled with the fact that her economy is on recovery and growth path, implies that a lot of investment prospects exist. Opportunities such as development of various tourist sites, building of guest houses, hotels, theme parks, among others abound and are veritable attractions for foreign direct investment. We offer readers all necessary information to aid investment. Also offered is information to ensure a pleasant experience as a visitor/tourist.


At Linear Communications, on whose stable the NIGERIA TRANSPORT HUB is published, its management organizes seminars, conferences, workshops and trade shows. Linear Communications is a one stop shop for integrated Public Relations and marketing communications services.


Dedicated radio talk shows are broadcast on each of the inter-modal means of transportation in four radio stations. Each of the broadcast helps to cultivate informed consumer of each of the modes of transport. Also are various television shows that keep viewers acquainted with public and private transport issues.