March 25, 2023

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Air Traffic Controllers pledge safer skies, commitment to safety details- NATCA

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Comrade Abayomi Agoro, President NATCA, fielding questions on airspace safety management, at Lagos Traffic Radio

The Nigerian Air Traffic Controllers Association, NATCA, has pledged not to relent on its oars as its members’ services severally and collectively have resulted in safe air navigation that ensured the safety of 18 million passengers in over a hundred thousand flights in the past year.

National President of NATCA, Comrade Abayomi Agoro, made this known in his goodwill message to commemorate the occasion of the 2022 International Day of Air Traffic Controllers, celebrated every 20th October, since 1961.

A media release by the President said, “at this period every year – 20th of October, on the occasion of the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, we deserve all the accolades for working hard to ensure safety in our air space”.

Agoro said safety is such a sacred allegiance of Air Traffic Controllers’ work, as exemplified in the pilots who literally entrust their own lives and the lives of their passengers in the hands of air traffic controllers.

The NATCA President said Air Traffic Controllers work on schedule at 32 airports located in various parts of the country, nine (9) of which are international airports and safely guided about 100,000 flights that flew 18 million passengers in the Nigerian airspace in the past year.

The statement noted that “there is never a time when the skies are not monitored by air traffic controllers. We work day and night, including weekends and holidays, to keep pilots and their passengers safe. We also direct planes during inclement weather and during various emergency situations”.

Hence, Agoro enthused that his members in Nigeria and globally “have every reason to celebrate ourselves individually and collectively for the critical role played by air traffic controllers to achieve a higher SAFETY index which we all know is a critical component of air traffic system”.

The media statement said, “Such a heavy reliance on the voices of the air traffic control system manned by the air traffic controllers make us quite unique as professionals in the chain of duties in the aviation sector”.

Agoro claimed that “the dutiful and diligent efforts of NATCA members had consistently helped to bolster the aviation industry and by extension the nation’s economy”.

The NATCA President however pledged that his members “will continue to strive to ensure optimum output in the discharge of our duties as Air Traffic Controllers,” in the years to come.

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