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China denies UN Special Mission visa, frustrates efforts to unravel causes of COVID-19

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In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the G-20 Extraordinary Virtual Leaders' Summit on COVID-19 via video link in Beijing.

Xi Jinping, President, the People’s Republic of China

China has denied visas to world-renown scientists assembled by the United Nations, UN, in league with the World Health Organization, WHO. They constitute the nucleus of the UN Special Mission to China. The scientists who were scheduled to arrive the city of Wuhan this week but separately on Tuesday and Wednesday got their flights aborted.

The visit by the Special mission was at the instance of UN who actually was desirous to unravel the root cause of the heinous CORONAVIRUS, and determine how the virus was actually transmitted from animal to man, perhaps from species of animal to another and clarify why and how the exponential spread come about.

The much troubled WHO Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, while addressing the media said, two (2) scientists on the United Nations team who had already left their home countries for Wuhan, China, were informed at the country they had stopped over to connect another flight to China that, the Chinese officials had not approved the necessary permissions for them to enter the country after arrangements had been jointly agreed with China in advance.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, World Health Organization, WHO

Tedros, who was seen visibly ruffled at the media conference said, “I am very disappointed with this news. I have been in contact with senior Chinese officials and I have once again made clear that the mission is a priority for WHO and the international team.”

However, the statement by the spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying, revealed that WHO and China had since September 2020, being in elevated talks on the determination of UN to get to the root source of the virus and determine at which point the virus became transmitted to humans. And the possibility of an investigative mission was mutually agreed.

Hua in his media briefing in Beijing said China had previously welcomed WHO experts into the country. He added that the UN investigation team and Chinese experts had maintained frequent interactions which included 4 video/virtual meetings between October and December.

Wuhan International Airport, China

Narrating the ordeal of members of the special UN Mission thrown into disarray by China, WHO Executive Director, Health Emergencies Programs, Dr Michael Ryan, said there was an issue with visas and one team member had already returned home. The other was waiting in transit in a third country.

The other member NTH reliably learnt had also returned to his home country.

Tedros reiterated that ‘’the WHO was eager to get the mission underway as soon as possible” and that as the DG, he had been given assurances that Beijing was speeding up the internal procedure for “the earliest possible deployment,” he said.

That feeler from Beijing was presented to the UN just exactly as it was received by WHO. Yet The outcome made tomfoolery of the DG.

The entire world is anxiously waiting for the next line of action of the UN, in assisting WHO in its onerous task to unravel circumstances leading to the “manufacturing” of COVID-19.


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