May 19, 2024

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Delta Aircraft Emergency Exit Slide Missing Mid Air Found

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Delta Airline Boeing 767-300ER with a missing emergency slide parked at JFK Airport, New York

In a twist of fate, the emergency exit slide of a Boeing 767 operated by Delta Airlines that got separated from the hull midair last Friday, on a flight from John F. Kennedy Airport, New York, to Los Angeles, has been found by a lawyer that already filed a class action against Boeing.

It was reported last Friday that a Boeing 767-300ER plane, with 138 passengers on board made an air return after a vibration was heard from the right-wing emergency exit, and followed with a bang hence, the cockpit crew successfully made an air return to JFK airport, New York, where it took off about 30 minutes earlier.

The New York attorney, Jake Bissell-Linsk, whose firm filed a lawsuit against Boeing around the Alaska Airlines door plug blowout, said he was gazing into space from the window of his beachfront home on Sunday morning when he spotted a yellow object stuck in the rocks.

Jake Bissell-Linsk, who resident at Belle Harbor, Queens, said when he and his companions were right on the beach he saw the slide was sitting on the breakers.

Management of Delta Airlines, Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, and the National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, had all been on the prowl scouting for the missing slide.

Bissell-Linsk disclosed that the slide turned up near Beach 129th and Beach 130th streets, about 10 kilometres southeast of JFK International Airport.

He said his neighbour put a call through to Delta’s office and in about ten minutes, a crew arrived in a pickup truck, retrieved the slide and drove it away.

Bissell-Linsk, whose law firm, Labaton Keller Sucharow, is challenging Boeing in court over the Alaska blowout told the Post: ‘I think the slide should be handed over to whoever is investigating the incident.

He however noted that his law firm, Labaton Keller Sucharow, “haven’t decided if the slide is relevant to our case”.

He said he took the picture of the yellow slide for record purposes.

A statement by Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, said the Delta Air Lines plane that lost its emergency exit slide had been put out of service for evaluation.

Labaton Keller Sucharow, sued Boeing on 30th January 2024, claiming that the aircraft manufacturing company gave misleading and false statements regarding safety after the Alaska Airlines-Boeing 737 Max incident.

The firm is representing people who bought Boeing common stock from 23rd October 2019, to 24th January 2024, when the company emphasized safety.

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