April 16, 2024

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DSS operatives are disciplined, not street brawlers, but team players

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The Department of State Security, DSS, has strongly refuted the claim by the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, that the head of DSS, Mr Safiyanu Abba, assaulted an Aviation Security, AVSEC, while carrying out his assigned task at the Nnmandi Azikiwe International Airport, NAIA, Abuja.

A statement from DSS and signed by its Public Relations Officer, Dr. Peter A. Afunanya, refuted in its entirety that such assault as reported by FAAN, ever happened saying, “ So far, it has not been established that any FAAN staff was assaulted. DSS personnel are well mannered and could not have slapped or fought a worker of another agency”.

The DSS statement claimed that the manner the issue was reported in the media “has left an impression that is not factual and should therefore be disregarded”.

In further absolving the head of DSS of any wrong doing, the statement stated, “For the record, no DSS staff fought or engaged in any acts prejudicial to discipline or inimical to public safety at the Airport under reference”.

However, Dr. Afunanya in his rebuttal added thus, “It is believed that there are other avenues than the social media to resolve any misunderstanding among staff of two agencies that have had long history of unity of purpose in the execution of their mandates”.

Afunanya in the media statement pledged the commitment of the DSS as a team player and its long standing history with numerous other agencies at raising the bar in airport safety and security to the satisfaction of travelers and other airport users.

The statement even gave an appeal that, “the traveling public is urged to go about their normal businesses as the Service, in conjunction with relevant authorities including FAAN, is committed to their safety”.    

Albeit, the earlier tweet by FAAN was in all intents and purposes conversely in opposition to the DSS claim which absolved its helmsman of any iota of infraction. The Tweet which brought an infraction to the fore was titled, “Breach of security procedure and assault on AVSEC Officer by Head of DSS at the International Terminal of NAIA Abuja”

The tweet said, “We note with dismay that Mr. Safiyanu Abba, the Head of DSS, at NAIA deliberately obstructed airport security process and slapped an aviation security officer who was performing his duty by calling on Mr. Safiyanu Abba to desist from doing so. This happened on the 17th of July at about 15:25 hours. He breached security procedure by obstructing further searching of a visitor who had just walked through the metal detector as activated the alarms”.

In cognizance of the ravaging pestilence, covid-19, which gave birth to layered bio-security at the airports, the tweet further noted that, “The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria strongly condemns this abuse of power and the security process, in our airports, this has been duly escalated”.

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