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The management of Heathrow Airport, London, has placed advertisements for the physically fit and skilful applicants for the job of clearing snow from the runways beginning December 2021.

The advertisement was in a post on a recruiting agent website which stated that, Heathrow Airport will pay temporary workers up to £435 a day to clear snow from its runways over Christmas.

The recruiting agent advert statement said vacancies exist for “Snow Clearance Specialists who will be responsible for keeping aircraft stands and walkways safe at airports with the objective of keeping them operating during inclement weather”

The recruiting agent, Adzuna, further announced that it possessed, “34 temporary job openings for ice rink supervisors and 50 openings for Christmas tree sellers paying £10-£11 per hour”Experts have severally explained that “wet snow is more of a problem as it turns to slush and ice, which is more difficult to clear than dry snow that can be easily blown or swept away”

Snow at Heathrow Airport, London

Hence the elements from the heavy winter, among which snow is included, often “makes it harder to keep the airport running smoothly as there are additional hazards of ice, and aircraft need de-icing”.

Moreover, in preparation for the peak period as travel restrictions are regularly being relaxed, Heathrow had begun a recruitment drive ahead of Christmas, with 600 new frontline roles currently being advertised,

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