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FAAN MD BESTOWS UNION LEADER AWARD ON MERIT: a rare feat in mgt. & labour relations

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R-L: Mr Abdul Mumuni Jimoh, Outstanding Employee Award winner, Capt Rabiu Hamisu Yadudu, Managing Director/CEO, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN

The Managing Director, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, Capt Hamisu Rabiu Yadudu, in a very rare show of fairness, which is uncommon, and in obvious total disdain for sentiments and animosity, has bestowed the “Outstanding Employee Award” on a union leader in the organization.

Rather than view the leader who belongs to one of the very radical and none conformist aviation workers’ unions, the Association of Nigerian Aviation Professionals, ANAP, as an enemy from which nothing good could ever emerge, the MD appraised his staff performance in a dispassionate manner, a rare virtue that enables him to discover personnel with impeccable character and duly isolate those ones and accordingly rewards them.

It is in this light that the award bestowed on Comrade Abdul Mumuni Jimoh of the Credit Control Directorate becomes not just a run on the mill but one that deserves critical re-evaluation for a deeper appreciation of the dramatis personae- the giver of the award and the receiver.

This award was among the categories that the Managing Director personally got involved in scouting for deserving officers and conducting critical appraisal of nominees contending for the award.

Also, it was authoritatively learnt that the nomination, appraisal and selection of awardees for this category was not delegated to the Admin and Human Resources to jig, but it was in every material particular, an exclusive preserve of the Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Abdul Mumuni Jimoh, Outstanding Employee Award Winner, 2021

Taking a glance at the terse narration that describes the import of the award propelled the urge for more curiosity on the wherefore and whereto of the award.

Statement on the plaque reads thus, “Astounding Employee Award”. And the Secretary-General of ANAP, FAAN national chapter, Comrade Abdul Mumuni Jimoh, was deemed the most deserving.

According to the statement credited to the MD as engraved on the plaque, it claimed the award was given ’In Recognition of Your Amazing Effort, Consistent Commitment, Dedication to Work and Loyalty to the Organization”

The sterling object lesson therein is that a member of a union who at times could call workers out to down tools when discussions get frosty with management could be more dedicated to his primary task despite the aluta garb the union activities might make him figuratively wear. Yet, his work found him out.

Comrade Jimoh who obtained his first degree in Computer Sciences from the Lagos State University, LASU, Ojoo, said he had made it a policy to uphold members interests at all times.

He said his primary concern is the efficient delivery of assigned tasks knowing that individual workers’ diligence determines the financial success of the organization.

He added that when the organization operates successfully, the workers would logically, and in good conscience request for a fraction of the pie to improve their social-economic well-being which would in-turns impact on the company positively.

2nd Left, Comrade Abdul Mumuni Jimoh, Award winner, to his left, Comrade Abdul Kadir Gussau, President ANAP, with fellow workers

In a chat with the National President of ANAP, Comrade Abdul-Kabir Yaya Gussau, he said comrade Abdul Mumuni Jimoh is a man of integrity. He said any task Comrade Jimoh is assigned, he does whole soul and does nothing half-heartedly.

The President added that the national secretary for the FAAN chapter epitomizes the calibre of leadership and followership in ANAP as a corporate workers’ union.

ANAP National Secretary-General, Comrade Abdul Razak Seidu, described Comrade Abdul Mumuni Jimoh, as a worthy ambassador of ANAP.

He said Comrade Jimoh’s is a man of high integrity. He revealed that he had won a series of awards in FAAN and had even been denied several other awards and growth in his career path.

The veteran in the management of the workers’ union said that everyone that had ever worked with Comrade Jimoh, had consistently found him different, the way and manner ANAP is essentially different to other unions.

Comrade Seidu commended the FAAN MD personal award winner for distinguished service to the organization. He said ANAP in a similar manner stands for distinguished service in protecting the rights and priviledges of workers and even guaranteeing their future benefits by ensuring that government and organizations managements’ do the right thing now in making workers future better secured especially when they start life in retirement.

The President of ANAP, Comrade Gussau said his Secretary at the FAAN chapter is deserving of a little additional benefit.

He said Comrade Jimoh had been severally denied of his dues in FAAN. He cited past incidents in which the immediate past MD picked him for a similar recognition but the Admin and Human Resources leadership in FAAN succeeded in putting shocks on his path and was skipped for the recognition.

In the same vein, Comrade Seidu dispatched an appeal to FAAN management through the Managing Director, that Comrade Abdul Mumuni Jimoh is long overdue for promotion to level 14.

Seidu said the rationale for his appeal hinged on the fact that officers that handle the same schedule/task with Comrade Jimoh are all in grade level 14 and above.

He also argued that the multiplier effect of such promotion will not be beneficial only for Jimoh but others who had rightly observed no extraordinary benefits accrued to him may be motivated when such elevation comes the way of Jimoh.

The ANAP national Secretary-General added that”I am through this medium urging the Managing Director, Capt Rabiu Hamisu Yadudu, to also prevail on the Minister of Aviation to ensure Comrade Abdul Mumuni Jimoh, Head Credit Control Unit at Cargo/Hajj Camp in head office, be given, if not accelerated elevation, just the next grade level will suffice”.

However, it needs no slogan that the MD exhibited a very rare leadership quality by bestowing such award on the deserving officer expunging sentiments peculiar to people of little minds.

The union leader that earned the award also is deserving of commendation that he is not the type that use union activities to cover indolence in his official tasks.

Nigerian Transport Hub says kudos to the duo. And urges the management of FAAN to uphold the principle of fairness, as exhibited by the MD, in its relationship with the unions.

The workers are hereby encouraged to rededicate themselves to their various official duties so as to be able to cope well with post-COVID-19 challenges.

It is strongly expected that the improved service delivery recently noticed will be improved upon and ultimately present a 21st-century airport with the state of the art infrastructure for the world to use and be satisfied.


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  1. How justifiable is this scenario playing out between faan management and the Pro-established propagandists-unionists, when the management has obviously renegade to the consequential salary / pension adjustment implementation in respect of minimum wage Act assented to by the C in C in the 1st quarter of 2019 has not been evaluated, addressed for implementation by the FAAN management.

    Indeed, FAAN staff and the senior citizens retirees are now owed for upward of 30 months arrears of staff salary and pension adjustment.

    The inaction to implementation of Pensioners entitlement is interestingly incredibly incredulous and in breach of FRN 1999 Constitution entitled” Protection of pension rights” Sub section (2) quote ” Any benefit to which a person is entitled to in accordance with or under such law as referred to in subsection (1) of this section shall not be withheld or altered to his disadvantage except to such extent as is permissible under any law, including the Code of Conduct”

    The management should note that unlike the serving staff, the pensioners right to receive pension is protected by the extant law of the FRN, the Constitution and is justice able.

    Meaning that whosoever that breached this section shall be deemed to have violate the country Constitution and such breach should be present before the National Industrial Court of Nigeria for adjudication.

    Though I could not track the link. But I have to formally make my submission in this format.

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