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Galilean Youths Deploy Terror to Down International Flight in Israel

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Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv, Israel

Nine (9) delinquent youthful passengers have instigated a real horror in the cabin of an international flight from Tel Aviv heading for Instanbul in which a woman fainted, another had a panic attack and the entire cabin was in turmoil.

A subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet 737, at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, with 160 passengers on board including the cabin crew, received an engine start directive from the tower and duly set for takeoff when the unexpected youthful exuberance electrified the cabin by virtual means and caused pandemonium in a way that was unprecedented.

Immediately at takeoff, many passengers received a familiar request through their iPhones’ airdrop feature, to be entertained by videos and pictures.

Those passengers in their numbers who consented to the request got on their screens, images of various plane crashes, some crash sites, such as the 2009 Turkish Airlines crash in Amsterdam and the 2013 wreck of the Asiana Airlines flight in San Francisco, among others.

The Turkish airlines subsidiary, Anadolu Jet 737

The frightening pictures and videos of gory air disasters unnerved many of the passengers as they instigated wild and frightful uproar among the passengers.

Under the hysteria created in the cabin, the cockpit crew chose to terminate the takeoff and requested special emergency assistance with the police already stationed on the ground.

What prompted a spontaneous uproar among those passengers that accepted to be shared in the fun promised on their phones, had viewed disturbing photos of airline disasters which prompted panic among the passengers and compelled the aircraft crew to abandon takeoff, turn around and call the police.

As the plane came to a halt, the cabin crew requested to isolate passengers who got the scary pictures but later directed all passengers to disembark. They were all received and scanned by the police.

All the passengers’ belongings in the aircraft were removed and a secondary inspection was conducted on every one of the items.

Reports had it that the security operatives were working on the likelihood of terrorism or cyber-attack since the horrors were shared via the internet to the phones.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Instanbul, Turkey

Without wasting too much time, the cyber intelligence operatives troubleshooting for the source of the shared horrific content did not mince words that the source of the images was from the cabin of the aircraft hence, other rounds of checks on handsets.

However, the police intelligence identified and isolated the nine Israeli youths among the passengers as responsible for sharing the horror.

The Israeli police report put their ages at between 16 and 19 and that they were all from Northern Israel, precisely, Galilee.

The nine passengers were detained for further interrogation and other intelligence engagement with each of the youths by the Israeli state security service.

The entire security exercise took some reasonable time which translated to several hours of delay for the passengers and the airline.

Albeit, the Anadolu Jet 737 later was instructed again on engine start-up and had a smooth takeoff at the Ben Gurion airport, Israel and later landed safely at the Sabiha Gokcen Airport, Istanbul.


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