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Senator Hadi A. Sirika, at his convocation, City University, London, having been awarded Masters of Science degree, Air Transport Management, Wednesday, 2nd February 2022

Nigeria’s Aviation Minister, Senator Hadi A. Sirika, has successfully completed his Masters of Science Degree, Air Transport Management, from the City University, London.

Senator Sirika made the announcement earlier today on his official Twitter handle.

The announcement was streamed live from the convocation venue and he appealed to family members and close associates that the pandemic would not allow for the proper revelry that ought to accompany such a joyful occasion.

Torrents of well-wishers responded to the good tidings with numerous congratulatory messages to the graduand.

Among those who joined the minister virtually to celebrate the occasion was Andykay @Andykay. He thus volunteered his hearty congratulatory message, “Congratulations sir. Any updates on Etihad airways between Abu Dhabi and Lagos? Can you assist to ensure their return to the route? Any updates on the Air Nigeria? We can’t wait to see Nigeria making money & creating jobs like Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Qatar, Emirates, Turkish etc

A Ccross-section of graduands at the convocation ceremony of City University, London

He however prayed that the new knowledge acquired should positively reflect on the Nigerian aviation industry especially in the delivery of the airport concession and the national carrier within the shortest possible time.

Stakeholders have high expectations on the delivery of goals the current regime did set for itself when it assumed office in 2016. The precision with which the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, NAIA, runway resurfacing was accomplished raised the expectations of Nigerians for greater things to come.

To make the assessment of the aviation ministry’s programs and projects easier, the ministry of its own volition conceived an Aviation Roadmap, itemising tasks to be accomplished within the first term of four (4) years- 2015-2019.

Unwittingly those programs provided the citizenry with an indicator to measure the regime’s performance. An uncanny observer could merely glance through them and form his or her opinion for what has been done since 2016 when the roadmap was unveiled.

Senator Hadi A. Sirika, at the auditorium of City University London, for convocation having been awarded Masters of Science degree in Air Transport Management, Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Also of interest is the approvals for the completion of critical projects that are elixir to the well being, growth and development of the air transport industry.

With barely 18 months for this regime and less than 12 months for serious developmental industry business before the putrid politicking steals the centre stage, the aviation ministry must operate at the speed of light to accomplish half of the set agenda.

  1. Accomplishing the Concession of four (4) Airports
  2. Establishment a National Carrier
  3. Delivery of a Maintenance Repair and Overhaul, MRO, facility
  4. Establishment of a leasing company
  5. Establishment of an Aviation University
  6. Establishment of factory to manufacture aircraft, in collaboration with Colombia
    Without an iota of doubt the ministry should be in an emergency to deliver on these promises. Any view to the contrary or desire to expatiate on issues of set goals, please mail your views to; nigeriatransporthub@gmail.com or drop them at the column below, “Leave a reply”

From all of us at NTH, we say hearty congratulations and pray that the industry benefit within the short time left, from those nuggets of knowledge acquired from City university, London. CONGRATULATIONS

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  1. The young shall grow they say.
    This one bagged not one but two degrees while holding such a sensitive position as Minister of Aviation in tumultuous Nigeria without missing a beat. This can only be achieved by a genius.
    Huge congratulations;;! We expect the nation to gain from such a dexterous and hardworking young man.
    We follow your career path with interest
    Capt Prex Porbeni,

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