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MUSIC: WATER- very essential, will always flow to quench your thirst

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A Nigerian journalist based in Columbus, Ohio, Deba Uwadiae, has released another Afrobeat song far away in Ohio, USA, to commemorate the 62nd anniversary of Nigeria as a sovereign state.

The song which was performed on its release, on 1st October 2022, in the US is titled WATER.

Extolling the importance of water to sustain not only human life but every living thing – plants and homo sapiens- the author and singer, Deba Uwadiae, while performing the unveiling of the song said, “the water wey you go drink no go pass you”. A typical dictum by most Nigerians who believe that what will be will be. That your sustenance will find you out.

The popular African philosophy from where such sentiment issued forth believes that the almighty God, who is omnipotent, omniscient and exceedingly benevolent would always, ad infinitum, provide for the daily needs of his creatures no matter how gloomy the economic indices reveal on the horizon.

Excited Mr Deba Nwadiae

Given a very terse review of the song while commending the singer, a veteran entertainment editor and author of various genres of literature, from entertainment to autobiography, Mr Tosin Ajirire, described the percussion accompaniment to the song, Water, as “the Afrobeat feel, and most pleasurable is the saxophone riffs”

Ajirire enthused, “Your own water can never pass you bye. Nice music. Listened to it again and again”.

The song is highly recommended for every Nigerian home and especially those in the diaspora. The song is being distributed through all the most reliable and dependable channels to access quality and original creative arts in music, drama and literature.

According to Uwadiae, his latest song Water, a single, can be accessed on all digital platforms which include Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Music, Media Net, YouTube Music, and Tik Tok.

This latest song, Water comes after the release of an album, “Hallelujah Amen” and the three singles dropped earlier in the year, Ojomiloju, Mogberi and Imela.

Deba Uwadiae, an accomplished journalist, was a former Sole Administrator, League of Aviation and Airport Correspondents-Nigeria, LAAC-N, presently he’s the publisher of New Americans magazine and author of “Coming to America: Early Life in America and Citizenship.”

He is currently a member of the Ohio Legislative Correspondents Association, Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio, United States of America, USA.

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