March 25, 2023

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KQ Grounded Again, Not by Toxic Debt but By Pilots Shunning the Cockpit

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Kenya Airways Pilots Association, KALPA, Executives addressed a Media conference on 1st November 2022

The Kenya Airways Pilots Association, KALPA, an affiliate member of the International Federation of Airlines Pilots Association, IFALPA, has announced the withdrawal of service by all pilots in the employment of Kenya Airways, with effect from 6 am Kenyan time on Saturday, 5th of November 2022.

At a media event addressed by the KALPA General Secretary, Capt. Murithi Nyaga, stated that “from 6.00 am, there shall be no Kenya Airways aircraft departing from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) being flown by a KALPA member”.

He said the Kenya Airways management had failed woefully to address the five-point grievances tabled before it nor made any move to dialogue with the pilots.

Capt. Murithi Nyaga narrated that, “on 19th October 2022, the Association issued a 14-day industrial action notice to the management of Kenya Airways, as the last resort in our attempts to seek better working conditions for our members and ensure that Kenya Airways is managed professionally,” he said.

Capt. Murithi Nyaga, Secretary General, KALPA, at the media chat, in Nairobi

He narrated further that “the strike notice has since expired and we are therefore at liberty to exercise our right to withdraw our labour forthwith as enshrined in Article 41, Chapter 4 of the Kenyan constitution.”

Nyaga further said the association was surprised when the KQ did not even bait an eyelid toward its legitimate demand since the expiration of the 14-day notice.

He however declared that the association was left with no option but “at liberty to exercise our right to withdraw our labour forthwith as enshrined in Article 41, Chapter 4 of the Kenyan constitution”.

Recall that KALPA recently, included in its grouse, that it was imperative for the entire board of directors of KQ to be replaced, most especially its Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, MD/CEO, Allan Kilavuka, who the pilots unanimously passed a vote of no confidence on.

In a quick reaction to the latest claims by the union, the Chairman of the KQ Board of Directors, Michael Joseph, refuted all the charges KALPA tabled against the board and said issues not on the initial agenda had crept into it.

Michael Joseph reiterated that KALPA’s demands were reconsideration of the suspension of the Provident Fund, the ab Initio Loan fund, and outstanding issues around Annual Leave, among others.

Joseph, KQ Board Chairman, declared in his statement that the Board of Directors had implicit confidence in the MD/CEO, Allan Kilavuka, and in the entire Board of Directors as presently constituted

Mr. Allan Kilavuka, Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Airways, in the eye of the storm

KALPA Faults Kenya Airways for;

  1. Pilot Victimization & Harassment of KALPA officials
  2. KQ Management’s Non-adherence to Kenya Civil Aviation Regulations
  3. KQ Management’s unilateral withdrawal of the Staff Provident Fund
  4. Leadership and governance shortcomings at KQ
  5. Exploitation and harassment of young pilots
    Replacement and reconstitution of new Board of Directors and new Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, MD/CEO.
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