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Local council fines 20 parents N70,000.00k each, for wrong parking in their children’s school

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Mushin Local Government e-library, Lagos State

Since the resumption of the new academic session, a local council has issued over 20 parking fines of N70,00.00 each, to parents of a school who, while dropping off or picking up their children and wards, parked recklessly thus inhibiting the smooth flow of vehicular movement, and also posed threat to the safety of students and other road users.

When the careless parking was becoming recurrent and alarming, as about four parents were observed contravening the parking rule in a week, the school authorities have just this week, warned parents, to comply with road signage at the bus stop, and be off the hook of the local council officials.

The council is cracking down on illegal parking in school areas. Credit: GRIMSBYLIVE/MEN.

The Councilor, Ron Shepherd, who holds the portfolio for, “safer and stronger communities” at North East Lincolnshire Council, in the United Kingdom, said he was pleased with the initial results of those who ran afoul of the parking rule and were duly issued tickets.

Ron Shepherd said dropping off children at a peak period in the morning and picking them up at the peak period in the afternoon got so hazardous that passersby during these periods, whether trekking, riding bicycles, or in a bus got exposed to danger from the chaos regularly created by parents mindless parking.

He explained that the desire to eliminate the danger from the chaos often created, led the council to make a modest investment of £2.1 million, (N2.1bn) in funding to provide road infrastructure as part of the council’s Local Transport Plan.

The new restrictions are aimed at reducing school street congestion at peak times. Credit: GRIMSBYLIVE/MEN

Shepherd said from the fund, extensive lane markings, and various road signage were provided and the CCTV he noted, had been the aces.

The Councilor explained that under the new restrictions, there will be no stopping on school roads at pick-up and drop-off times in the entire council area.

He said that more Signage is set to be put up on the road in the coming weeks and volunteer marshals will enforce the rules.

Shepherd added that each volunteer will be given training, a handbook and high reflective jacket. The Marshals he said, will also be subject to a background check.

He however sounded very blunt as he announced that the council will be cracking down on illegal parking in school areas.

School officials of Signhills Academy, Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, display parking fines to caution parents against wrong parking. Credit: GRIMSBYLIVE/MEN}

Shepherd said, “schools should be places that children can go to and from in relative safety, but instead we’ve seen instances of people parking in places they shouldn’t be, causing traffic to build up and creating a dangerous environment for children”.

The North East Lincolnshire Council Councilor disclosed that “between the start of the school year and 25th October, 31 notices were issued and 21 fines given.

Parents who park illegally face a £70 fine, reduced by half if paid within 14 days.
Kindly let’s have your views in the comment section below if, such approach is an aberration or wholesome to be introduced in states such as Lagos among others

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