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Secondary Surveillance Radar, SSR, congruent with ICAO’s evolution of aeronautical surveillance

By-: Adebola M. Shogbonyo
For those who do not understand, this is embarrassing. As it was mentioned in the news item report titled, “Hadi Sirika receives on behalf of NAMA, one of nine TRACON equipment.

Primary radar is no more in use in modern Air Traffic Control.

Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) is required for civilian Air Traffic Control, ATC. Only the military uses primary radar with IFF Technology.

Civilian Radar rated Controllers DO NOT have any use of such anymore so these are mobile radar units. The purchase is supposed to be the exclusive preserve of the military and NOT A CIVILIAN.

Identification Friend and Foe, & Communications radar, the exclusive preserve of the military

The Minister posing before cameramen for pictures of the equipment delivery is almost comical.

We must ask ourselves why would you need mobile primary radar. Is it for mobile airports? A complete waste.

The really sad thing is the impression and the potential to align with the stereotype, that a black man is incompetent and hopelessly corrupt.

The foreigners that sold the equipment knew very well that the equipment was not designed for civilian use but nevertheless sold it. Not their problem. I can imagine how they would ridicule Nigeria as a state, and Nigerians as a people, wondering how could this be allowed to happen.

Optimization of the Identification of Friend and Foe, IFF, Radar

If any radar system were to be procured as a backup system, the infrastructure that would accompany it would have to be custom built.

Normally, a TRACON-type facility may not be located at an airport. However, where it is the backup, it must be such that it is turnkey in nature, virtually ready to go.

The current Minister in spite of having both a pilot and aircraft maintenance licenses has demonstrated a disturbing level of ignorance or incompetence that is scary.

I have called for a true investment that will yield dividends. Human infrastructure.

Sen. Hadi Sirika, while receiving the primary radar equipment with 3D cameras


The Minister of Aviation, Sen. Hadi Sirika, has taken delivery of one of the nine (9) units of RPA-200MC mobile 3D primary radar equipment on behalf of the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency, NAMA.

Hadi Sirika on his verified Twitter handle announced thus, “This night I received one out of nine Primary Radar equipment to be procured. This procurement will ensure both willing & unwilling aircraft in our airspace are promptly detected. Safety, security, and efficiency have been the focus of Buhari’s aviation since 2015.

**Adebola M. Shogbonyo is currently employed by a major US-based carrier.

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