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An attempt to ascribe interpretation to the title of this great work, as I did before having any inkling of the context of the book, one may be quick to presume it’s a subtle message that no other literature is any more needed on this same subject after reading this narrative.

Although the narrative comes from a highly respected personality with impeccable integrity, an erudite scholar, and a distinguished aviator by all parameters. Alas, one would miss it like an impatient golfer who rushes to the golf course and expects to make a drive, by taking the first shot from the tee box for each hole on the golf course. Although well-aimed, and calculated, the probability of missing the hole is brighter even to none golfers.

However, on merely reading through the preface penned by the author, I was astounded by the depth of the author’s open-mindedness in which he writes thus; “I have tried to present authentic accounts, but the fact still remains that no history book can be all that comprehensive and exhaustive, otherwise future historians, researchers, and aviators would have no further room to operate”. What a mind in his pristine state. Down to earth.

Such a humble notion like an apple of gold in a silver carving coming from an octogenarian who in the African context has some immunity and liberty because of age, and his impeccable cognate track record, could arrogate infallibility to himself yet concedes that research and development are inexhaustible.

Readers could imagine the depth of truth and factual account that will emanate from a very senior citizen who displays sky-high humility. To discerning minds, those expressions by the author recommend the book to everyone who loves the truth rather than undue embellishment and personal vain glory.

The publication is no doubt all-encompassing as it touches nearly all the air transport value chain. The book written in a very simple, lucid, language in English is designed to arouse the interest of younger ones to make a career in any aspect of the aviation value chain.

While in the same vein, the book chronicles the early days of Nigeria Airways. It spotlights aviation development in the first 48 years from 1955-2003. And treats with passion the years of the author’s active service which he summed up thus, “In my thirty-seven years’ sojourn in the industry as both Aircraft Maintenance Engineer and Flight Engineer from 1964 to 2001”. This no doubt is instructive of the caliber of the author.

Engr. Francis Adebo Adegoke, author, while in the service of Nigeria Airways

As a subtle means to avail readers’ insight into this very uncommon genre of literature, at least in the Nigerian aviation literary space, an overview of another credible aviator may suffice.
In the blurb written by another veteran, Captain Jonathan Baba Ibrahim, a former Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, CEO of the defunct Nigeria Airways Ltd, describes the book thus;

“The book is a very comprehensive account of the development of the air travel industry worldwide and Nigeria in Particular. It is a compendium of all information on aviation as it provides readers all the essential information and education that they may need on all sectors of aviation and air travel industry”, writes Capt Jonathan Ibrahim.

The book, Nigeria Aviation Development: All You Need to Know, is such a compendium not for industry players alone, but also for everyone that places a premium on accurate knowledge and factual information.

For example, do you know that the aviation industry has had two Nigerian commercial pilots appointed as Ministers? Do you know their names? The period they served? Do you know the former name of the Nigerian College of Aviation Technology, NCAT, Zaria? Much of such simple historical narrations are contained in the compendium.

The author also makes it clear that aviation predates the often-told story of a stunt by one of aviation’s great names, Douglass Corrigan, with his Curtis Robbin, a jalopy of an airplane at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, New York. The author also shows evidence that aviation predates the Spirit of St. Louis- the airplane Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic in 1927, though a landmark in aviation history.
Engr. Adegoke also makes it clear that aviation predates the Wright brothers’ experiment of December 1903. The author in his book succeeds in identifying for the readers, the genesis of aviation. Get your copy and find out.

How well do you know of the yeoman’s efforts of some pioneers in the industry? The book copiously featured the pioneers in the Nigeria Travel Industry, who had made great efforts with determination, devotion, and commitment on their part to build and develop the Aviation Industry in Nigeria.

According to the author who had once published a book titled, “Travelling by Air- all you need to Know” he said the new book essentially is a career guidance book. And adds, “It is a thing of joy for me today to see that some students that read the first edition in their college libraries early in the 2000s are now captains in the industry”.

This bonanza has been carefully embedded in the production strategy of the book without adding extra burden in cost, or in many voluminous books to be carried about.

As a veteran in airmanship, and especially a distinguished manager in Cockpit crew resource management, and an astute ground manager when the task beckons, the author successfully condenses the three other books in this single title thus reducing the cost burden. How could it be achieved, the author volunteers thus;
“The book is a compilation of four books, each with its many chapters collapsed into this one big book”. Please when buying this book bear in mind you’re merely paying for one and picking three other books for free- all wrapped in one book

How come? A charitable organization provides the bulwark of support and you too can graciously join the noble-hearted members of the group to support aviation and humanity in another unique manner.

The organization that provides funding and published the literary masterpieces in one book is named, Nigeria Aviation Family Foundation, NAFF.

The first segment of the book elucidates the genesis of aviation. It contains the history of how man started thinking of how to imitate birds and take to the skies, and how man finally invented flying machines. It also explains the theories and principles of flight and the medium in which flying takes place. The book looks at all other things created to fly naturally or spiritually.

The second segment or book two, (2) is all about the genesis of Nigeria’s Aviation Industry, manpower, and infrastructural developments in all aviation agencies in Nigeria.

The third segment or better still book 3 is about the products of the development in terms of airlines, [airports, air traffic control, ANS/ATM, ground handling, aviation security, etc.] aviation-related companies and the people who built and developed them.

While the fourth segment or book 4 appraises the people who are the pioneers in the industry from 1955 to 2003 [48 solid years] and others that over the years have made valuable contributions to the overall development of the industry.

THE PUBLISHER: Nigeria Aviation Family Foundation
Nigeria Aviation Family Foundation, NFF, was founded on 17th September 2021, during the burial preparation of one of the doyens of air transport in Nigeria, Captain Rufus Orimoloye. Capt. Orimoloye was among the first Nigerian aircraft captains. Many compassionate participants in the Friend for Aviation WhatsApp Platform spearheaded the drive to raise funds in assisting the family give their father a decent and befitting burial.

Somewhere along the line, the Admins of the platform were not comfortable with the practice of using the platform for fundraising. This gave birth to the idea of creating another Aviation WhatsApp Platform, primarily for fundraising to assist widows, the children of deceased Aviators, and those who are seriously sick and hospitalized. Thus the Nigeria Aviation Family Foundation was born as a child of necessity.

Presently the family is made up of about eighty compassionate, and like-minded Aviators who are mostly Nigerian Airline Pilots, Flight Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, Cabin Crew, Flight Dispatchers, allied professionals, and others that work in the Nigeria Aviation Industry.

Since its inception, NAFF has been able to raise over 13 million naira (N13m) to assist Aviators that were seriously sick and had given financial assistance to the families of twelve (12 ) deceased Aviators to assist in giving their departed loved ones decent and befitting burial.

All potential compassionate Aviators and those who have anything to do with aviation in Nigeria and who may wish to join hands with us in our efforts to give helping hands to the needy are most welcome.

You can reach NAFF on WhatsApp numbers through; Francis: 080162828909, and Justus: 0802353660.

Nigeria Aviation Family Foundation, NAFF, board of trustees is composed of Captain Jonathan Baba Ibrahim, (Chairman), Captain Justus Eka, (Secretary), Captain Ebenezer Jaiyeola Adeola, Captain Godfrey Ogbogu, Captain Aaron Idhalama, Captain Salihu Baba Shafii, and Engr. Francis Adebo Adegoke (Founder).

The author, Engineer Francis Adebo Adegoke, graduated as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer from Britain’s Air University, Perth, Scotland in 1969. In 1972, he proceeded to Boeing Aircraft Company, Seatle, and Sierra Academy of Aeronautics, Oakland, California both in the USA, from where he qualified as a Turbo Jet Powered Flight Engineer in 973, to become the first Nigerian to be licensed as a Flight Engineer.

Engr Adegoke worked for Nigeria Airways and retired as the Chief Flight Engineer in 1999, and from active flying in 2001.

During his flying career, he trained with many reputable world-class airlines such as Lufthansa German Airline, KLM Dutch Airline, SAS Scandinavian Air System, British Airways, and Varig Brazilian Airline.
He flew the Boeing 707, 747, and DC1O aircraft with many Nigerians and foreign Captains logging over 11,000 flying hours.

Due to the exclusively technical nature of the book, the author abinitio, concluded that only thoroughbred professionals in the industry can do a good job of proofreading and editing.

Engr. Adegoke however mitigated the daunting task by enlisting the assistance of competent, tested, and proven technical and engineering personalities to read through and edit accordingly.

Among those he enlisted for their expertise was Engr. (Mrs.) Adenike Macaulay, she’s an accomplished authority, and transformational leader in the Tech Air Industry. Others were Captain Jonathan Baba Ibrahim, the former Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the defunct Nigeria Airways, Captain Justus Nosa Eka, a product of Oxford Air Training School, Kidlington, U.K, and a Transport Management graduate of Lagos State University, and the leader of the editorial crew, Captain Ebenezer Jaiyeola Adeola.

Engr Adegoke, however, leaves readers with a caveat, “I have tried to present authentic accounts, but the fact still remains that no history book can be all that comprehensive and exhaustive, otherwise future historians, researchers, and aviators would have no further room to operate”.

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