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Sea Robbers Attacked Merchant Ships On the Gulf Of Guinea

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Merchant Ship

A Merchant ship was attacked Monday night, 9th November, some 110 nm SSE of Lagos Nigeria, in the Gulf of Guinea.

According to her track and pos/time, the vessel was a product tanker, LA BOHEME, and was attacked around 2030 UTC.

The Tanker en route from Lagos to Las Palmas was sailing in attack position, and obviously manoeuvred, but didn’t stop or reduced the speed nor slowed down.

From the footages captured on satellite, the merchant ship did a lot of manoeuvring, ostensibly to avert the imminent attack and these went on for about an hour.

However, in about an hour and a half later, at around 2200 UTC, the ship resumed sailing at her voyage course and speed.

The intention to plunder by the robbers was averted as boarding was made impossible.

Hence, the tanker and her crew were unscathed and very well composed.
Other advanced Information and the ship’s ID were yet to be confirmed but it was established boarding by the marauders was thwarted.


Earlier on Saturday, 7th November, another product tanker, TORM ALEXANDRA, was attacked and reportedly boarded, and adrift, at the Gulf of Guinea about 0600 UTC.

Oil Tanker

All crew members were reported to be safe and accounted for, as they were all mustered in citadel during the attack.

The attack reportedly occurred at some 180 nm SE of Lome, Togo, while en route from Lome Anchorage in West Africa.

Vessel’s port of destination was not specified. As at 0900 UTC, the tanker was adrift, awaiting further development.
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