May 30, 2023

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Terror group access Kaduna airport from Rilnyawa river

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Mutilated perimeter fence that created access to airside of Kaduna airport

A resident at the quarters of the Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, in Kaduna airport recounted that the terrorist group gained entrance to the airport from the airside.

Terror group mauled down a column of the perimeter fence and gained entry to Kaduna airport staff quarters

The eye witness account who craved anonymity said the ferocious intruders came with about a hundred motorcycles.

She said they most likely came through the Rilyawa river whose bushy part is a few kilometres away from the airport and they came in large numbers and armed to the teeth.

Blood stain on the floor

The perimeter fence provided with a barbed wire on iron poles was destroyed to create a pathway for the terrorists to gain entry.

Succinctly put, they succeeded in abducting a total of 11 persons from the airport quarters.

So touchy was the case of a family whose grandmother was around to help nurse a baby but were all abducted- the family head, his wife, children, wards and the visiting grandmother.

In an attempt to reach the airport manager, it was discovered she is presently on vacation.

The majority of workers resident at the quarters are still bewildered by the firepower of the terrorists especially when they were confronted by the detachment of officers and men of the Nigerian army that responded to the distress call by the airport security.

This incident no doubt signalled the need for the entire airport security architecture in the country to be revamped in taking cognizance of the frequent and daring attack by the terror group presently having a field day.

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