April 16, 2024

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Terrorist bomb kills three people at an international airport in Colombia

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Airport Police Officers; (left) Willian Bareño and (right) David Reyes, killed when a suitcase loaded with explosives exploded near a tarmac at Camilo Daza International Airport in Cucutá, Colombia, on Tuesday morning.

Three people, a member of a terrorist group, and two police officers have been killed by electronic devices planted at the runway of Camilo Daza International Airport in Cucutá, Colombia.

The Police officers, Willian Bareño and David Reyes were killed when a suitcase loaded with explosives exploded near a tarmac at Camilo Daza International Airport in Cucutá, Colombia, on Tuesday morning.

The first explosive went off at about 5 a.m. when the suspect, yet to be named, attempted to climb a fence that separates the airport and a street in the neighbourhood community.

The cops reportedly were searching the area for additional bombs after a suspect believed to be a member of a local bandit group was killed when the explosive he was carrying was detonated as he attempted to climb over a perimeter fence separating the airport from surrounding communities.

The second bomb was reportedly left behind by two men on a grass field near the tarmac and exploded about an hour later, instantly killing Reyes and Bareño, the two policemen on surveillance.

Camilo Daza International Airport in Cucutá, Colombia

Cucutá Mayor, Jairo Yáñez, was in the terminal building waiting to board a 5:15 a.m. flight to the Colombian capital city of Bogotá when the first bomb exploded 15 minutes earlier as a man carrying explosives tried to climb over a fence that separates the airport’s runway from one of the city’s neighbourhoods.

Colombia Defense Minister, Diego Molano, said the blasts were caused by ‘terrorist’ groups that operate in the city of half a million people, which is located on the border with Venezuela and is notorious as a hub for commerce and migration.

Drug and guerilla gangs are currently at war in the city over control of coca crops and drug trafficking routes, with attacks such as the airport blast, said not to be a usual occurrence for residents of the area.

Cucutá is the capital of Norte de Santander, a border region that has recently seen a surge in fighting between guerrilla groups and drug trafficking gangs that are vying for control of cocoa crops and trafficking routes.

Soldiers and dogs search for potential explosives near Camilo Daza International Airport in Cucutá, Colombia

In June, a car bomb was set off at a military base in the outskirts of the city, where U.S. military advisers were working.
Then in August a bomb was set off outside a police station, injuring 14 people.

President Ivan Duque’s helicopter was also shot at during a recent visit to the city. The president emerged unharmed from the attack.

Colombia military had placed a reward of $800,000USD for anyone or group who provides the lead to unravel those behind the recent attack on the President’s helicopter thus viciously threatening the president’s life

Armed organizations operating in Norte de Santander include the National Liberation Army guerrilla group and dissident groups formed by former members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia who refused to sign a 2016 peace deal with Colombia’s government

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