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TOYOTA roll-out world’s first refrigerated vaccine vehicle

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Toyota Tsusho Corporation, (Toyota Motor Corporation, and B Medical Systems, S.à r.l, have been jointly announced to have produced the vehicle with a dedicated refrigerator for transporting vaccines at the appropriate temperatures and have earned World Health Organization, WHO, Performance, Quality and Safety, PQS, certification.

According to the WHO, Toyota Tsusho was the corporate organization that registered for the prequalification “and this is the first refrigerated vehicle for vaccines in the world that has obtained PQS prequalification”.
The WHO statement announced that the vehicle was produced with a dedicated refrigerator for transporting vaccines at the appropriate temperatures.

The vehicle got the nod for satisfactory Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) prequalification for quality of medical devices and equipment as stipulated by the WHO.

The features of the refrigerated vehicle for vaccines which obtained PQS prequalification are as follows: The base vehicle is Toyota Land Cruiser 78. It is equipped with the B Medical Systems’ CF850 vaccine refrigerator. The refrigerator has a storage capacity of 396 litres, or 400 vaccine packages.

CF850 vaccine refrigerator

With its independent battery is in use, the refrigerator can be operated for approximately 16 hours without a power supply. The refrigerator can be charged by the vehicle while driving and from an external power source when parked.

Vaccination is an effective measure against infectious diseases. General mandatory vaccines for infants usually require storage at 2 to 8°C, and cannot be used if not stored under proper temperature management.

Although developing countries receive assistance from international agencies such as GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance and UNICEF for the supply of vaccines, approximately 20 percent of the volume supplied (equivalent to JPY 40 billion per year) are disposed annually because they become unusable due to temperature changes during transportation.

Toyota Tsusho uses the knowledge and awareness of issues developed through business in Africa to provide a refrigerated vehicle for vaccines as the company obtaining PQS prequalification.
Toyota provides the Toyota Land Cruiser 78.

Toyota Land Cruiser ’78, installed with the CF850 vaccine refrigerator.

Toyota Tsusho Group company CFAO SAS and Toyota Group company TOYOTA CUSTOMIZING & DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. conducted vehicle installation and conversion.

For this project, Toyota Tsusho, Toyota, and B-Medical Systems have joined forces with the same goal in mind. We will continue to make efforts so that the obtainment of PQS for the refrigerated vehicle for vaccines will contribute to the Safety and Security of the region.

By-; Ayoola Olaotan, with reports from TOYOTA and WHO

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