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An alarm has been sounded by a don at the University of Pennsylvania, Spruce Street, Philadelphia, that, the U.S in about three weeks time could have not less than a 100 million of her citizens infected with deadly COVID-19.

Making the grim revelation is Professor Ezekiel Jonathan Emanuel, Chair of the department of medical ethics at the University of Pennsylvania, while fielding questions on an MSNBC’s program, “Morning Joe,”.

Professor Ezekiel said based on the current rate of spread whereby the infected doubled every four days, there will likely be 100 million Americans infected by the COVID-19 virus in three weeks

He explained that “The front lines actually tell you what’s happening while politicians and people in Washington don’t want the country to panic,” he said.

The don who authored a book titled, “Why I Want To Die At 75”, lamented that, “What you’re seeing is major rationing in the country. Rationing is a word that they have used to beat up Democrats, but the fact is we are seeing rationing in parts of the country, Primarily in New York, but it’s not going to be exclusively New York. This is not a virus that is just going to stay confined to New York.”

The Chair of medical ethics at the Pennsylvania University revealed that “Right now if you look at the numbers, we probably have a million COVID-19 cases in the country. And if this is doubling every three to four days, that means we will have 100 million people who have COVID-19 in about three weeks, and that’s a frightening thought.”

It will be recalled that last weekend, the U.S. President, Donald Trump, announced the extension of the isolation period till the last day in April and added the measure was to save 2.2 million lives that were likely to be consumed by the ravaging Coronavirus.

Trump at the said media briefing last weekend, disclosed that the state was making frantic effort to stem the number of casualties to about 200,000. But the practical reality by the available data is indicating that the statement by the President would be a tall order to accomplish as the emerging record is showing otherwise.

Professor Ezekiel Jonathan “ZEKE” Emanuel

At the said weekend media briefing, Nigeria Transport Hub, NTH, reported that the COVID-19 devastating effect had taken so much toll on the world’s superpower as the death toll in just New York City, USA, had reached 728 deaths daily and it keeps doubling within 24 hours while a total of 52,318 infected cases within NY city alone, had been confirmed.

Observers of the pandemic as it reared its ugly head in the US, said New York accounted for over 30% of the casualties in the US and about half of the confirmed incidence of COVID-19 infection, in the US.

As a result of the Spike, the New York Governor, Andrew Mark Cuomo, a barrister at law, announced at a media forum that, President Donald Trump had approved the construction of four additional temporary hospital sites in New York City, with the view to boosting the state’s supply of hospital beds by 4,000.

Stay at home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority. Source: World Health Organization

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  1. I think we should focus more on the good news rather than the deaths. I doubt that figure. 100 million in 21 days? Not possible.

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