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UAE offers conditional approval to Air Peace request for 3 weekly frequencies: yet Air Peace demands an apology for character assassination

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The General Civil Aviation Authority of the United Arab Emirates, UAE, has hurriedly approved for Air Peace, all the three frequencies it requested and of which two were hitherto denied.

The approval came with the reaction of the Chairman of UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority, Abdulla Bin Touq Al, who is also the Emirati Minister of Economy, to the rationalization of its 21 weekly frequencies to only one by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA.

While responding to the withdrawal of 20 frequencies from the erstwhile ministerial approval for 21 frequencies earlier granted Emirates Airline, the UAE’s Chairman, GCAA, in the letter said “we suggest that Air Peace should consider flying their two other flights to any UAE airport at which there are available slots. As expected, the GCAA will support Air Peace in this activity, where required”.

Yet, the conditional approval came with a tutorial for the government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, FGN, that the erstwhile denial of Air Peace her meagre three weekly frequencies requested was, “a purely operational matter between Air Peace and Sharjah Airport and in any case it should have absolutely no implications for Emirates Airline”.
The Chairman, UAE’s GCAA urged the Aviation Minister to compel NCAA to reverse itself.

United Arab Emirate’s UAE, General Civil Aviation Authority, GCAA

The appeal letter reads thus, “Your Excellency, your kind support is anticipated so that the NCAA reviews their decision and restores the approval of the Emirates Airline Winter Schedule, as filed”.

However, management of Air Peace had taken exception to the way and manner the corporate entity was described in the GCAA appeal letter on the 20 weekly frequencies NCAA withdrew from Emirate but left with one.

Air Peace in its letter demanding of unreserved apology from the Chairman UAE’s General Civil Aviation Authority, GCAA, accused the authority of fabricating stories of what did not exist and in the process damaged the image and the reputation of the foremost airline in Africa’s biggest economy, Nigeria.

The GCAA claim in his letter to the Aviation Minister that, “Air Peace initially operated at Sharjah Airport, shifted to Dubai Airport and then returned to Sharjah airport. It would be unreasonable for an airline to expect any airport to maintain their slots when they ceased operating at that airport”.

Contrary to the narratives of GCAA, Air Peace management said tha, it never ceased operating from Sharjah International Airport since it started in July 2019. It said it only stopped when every other airline was forced to stop normal scheduled flight operations as a result of the Covid-19 lockdowns that permitted only evacuation flights.
However, in the light of the innuendo in GCAA letter, the management of Air Peace has demanded a retraction of that narration about the airline.

Air Peace made the following demands, “to this end therefore and, for the fact that this falsehood contained in the said letter has painted us in bad light and gone viral, even though the UAE Minister of Economy may have been misinformed by his aides, we, still, and humbly demand a retraction of the offending accusation of “stopping, shifting and returning” and an unreserved apology tendered to Air Peace,”

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1 thought on “UAE offers conditional approval to Air Peace request for 3 weekly frequencies: yet Air Peace demands an apology for character assassination

  1. The demand for an apology is the least Air Peace may ask for such a puerile attempt to ruin her reputation with shameful lies.
    IF the problem is truly Airport Slots, then reducing the frequency of Emirates flights to the same as Air Peace frequency would give the UAE VERY MANY EXTRA FREE SLOTS, so that is the way to go

    First, a rich country tells blatant lies against a single private Nigerian Airline, then they try an arrogant meaningless bluff of ok, we pull our services out of Nigeria.

    In this business Emirates should fly exactly the same number of frequencies as Air Peace and take off and land at exactly the same airports, NO MORE NO LESS.
    Other Airlines and Nations are watching, if we play cheap into the hands of UAE & EMIRATES we have had it because the rest of them would similarly take us to the cleaners.
    Minister Hadi Sirika make this your defining moment and make history.

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