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How To Achieve Physical, Emotional And Mental Well-Being

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LAGOS NIGERIA – April 5, 2024

** 22,000,000 (Twenty-two million) videos, audio recordings and publications on various subjects, including health, are downloaded daily from
** More than 2,100,000 (Two million, one hundred thousand) visitors daily use to find timely information.

Recent years fraught with disease, civil unrest and environmental concerns have many people searching for physical, emotional and mental well-being. Thousands are turning to an unlikely, free resource for advice.

JW.ORG, the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses, has easy-to-access Bible-based content that gives practical suggestions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Some people may think that the Bible doesn’t address modern concerns such as our health,” says Jahswill Stephen, Regional spokesman (Lagos) for Jehovah’s Witnesses – the global nonprofit religious organization. “But many will be surprised just how current the Scriptures are on matters of healthy living.”

Pills to be ingested by a patient as prescribed by the medical doctor

Though troubling events have many focusing on their overall health, the desire for more energy, mental clarity and emotional balance has been ongoing. Recognizing this, the World Health Organization has even established the observance of World Health Day on April 7 to draw worldwide attention to a different aspect of global health each year.

Twenty-two million videos, audio recordings and publications on various subjects, including health, are downloaded daily from Additionally, each day more than 2,100,000 visitors use to find timely information on a wide range of topics such as:

· Improving Your Health.
· Health and the Environment.
· Dealing with Your Emotions.
· Maintaining Good Mental Health.

The website even addresses global health issues with articles such as:
· “The Growing Affliction of Loneliness – What the Bible Says.”
· “Protect Yourself from Disease.”
· “A Worldwide Mental Health Crisis.”
· “Obesity–What Is the Solution?”

JW.ORG is a great resource for any health-conscious person,” says Jahswill Stephen. “Most important, it promotes a real hope for the future when everyone will have perfect health. Who doesn’t want that?”
To access free and practical health-related content, visit and, in the search field, enter any of the topics or article titles mentioned in this story.

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