March 27, 2023

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You see a woman diligent at her job, she will sit, dine, and wine with kings…

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Mrs. Josephine Adar Moltok, General Manager, Corporate & Strategic Communications, Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA.

… So says the holy books.

This explains the deserved rise of Mrs. Josephine Adar Moltok, a theatre arts graduate from the University of Jos who, through dint of hard work, perseverance in resolving challenges, and avowed determination to deliver on assigned tasks no matter how daunting, are qualities that have been her hallmark since employed in the service of the Nigerian Port Authority, NPA, well over two decades ago.

Those virtues give credence to her recent promotion as General Manager, and to wit, the latest posting to take charge of the task of creating and continuous innovation to evolve an excellent image for the nation’s seaport gateway manager, the Nigerian Port Authority, NPA.

A quick glance at the odyssey of Mrs. Moltok at the NPA reveals that a perfect fit for the office of General Manager, Corporate and Strategic Communications (C&SC), has just been etched out, by the NPA management under the leadership of Alhaji Mohammed Bello Koko, the Managing Director.

Mrs. Moltok has traversed the entire gamut of the agency and where she did not directly work, such as the engineering directorate, she had stayed at a vantage position such as in the administration division, and had been acquainted with the processes and procedures not only of the engineering directorate but of the entire operations of the authority.

Nigerian Ports Authority, Marina, Lagos

Josephine Adar Moltok who possessed a master’s degree in communications art from the University of Lagos once served at the agency’s former head office in Abuja.

She later was moved to the Roll-on-Roll-Off (RoRo) terminal/Tin Can ports, Apapa. She also worked at the Apapa zonal office, Lagos. Maltok had a stint as head of the Public Relations Unit, in the defunct Western Zone in Lagos Port Complex (LPC), Apapa, and was later transferred to Calabar Port.

The amiable Plateau state-born technocrat and a Public Relations professional, Mrs. Moltok became an Assistant General Manager (AGM), while serving at the National Assembly as Liaison Officer, in the Abuja liaison office.

Sequel to her promotion to the position of General Manager, she was transferred to head the London office. In 2022 she was transferred back to Nigeria and posted to the Servicom office as General Manager. She was later posted to the Administration department as GM before her current posting to head the Corporate and Strategic Communications (C&SC), with her status as General Manager.

There is no iota of doubt that she will be compelled to be at her wit’s end in improving the general public perception of the NPA.

Apapa Wharf, Lagos

Also, the image of the authority needs to be spruced up to a further enviable level in the estimation of the agency’s customers and the general public.

Succinctly put, the Managing Director deserves commendation to have fished out Josephine once again, for the onerous task of total management and overhauling of the communications machinery of the department with the view to bringing about an improved image of the authority.

Another remarkable feature that has since trailed the announcement of Moltok’s new posting a couple of weeks ago was the broad and wide spectrum of professionals, associations, businesses, and trading groups that have identified with her and the authority.

Well-wishers that transcend her primary constituency, the media, have all so numerous identified with her, professed their loyalty, and openly wished her success in the familiar turf she’s now thrust to excel.
She has already hit the ground running.

Succinctly put, the management of NPA, under the leadership of Alhaji Mohammed Bello Koko, has succeeded in placing a square peg in a square hole at the Corporate and Strategic Communications department of the authority.

The management of Nigeria Transport Hub, NTH, joins the well-meaning Nigerians home and in the diaspora to welcome back “home”, MOLTOK JOSEPHINE ADAR, Mrs. GENERAL MANAGER, CORPORATE & STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS.

The media world and the authority’s internal and external customers look forward to a 21st-century media approach to the authority’s corporate communications needs.

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