June 2, 2023

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Airlines Chided for Jumping the Gun, Urged To Operate According To The Rule

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All airlines in Nigeria have been given stern warning to play the game according to the extant rules and regulations so as to achieve concord and harmony as all efforts are presently geared towards the restart of air travel in earnest.

The Director General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, Capt. Musa Nuhu, gave the admonition in a parley with industry stakeholders while reviewing individual organizations preparedness level to resume flight operations.

Capt. Nuhu cited some of the un-towards activities by some airlines which he said he personally caught in under handed dealings.

He said he personally caught an airline selling ticket online when a date to commence operation had not even been determined.

He said that he allowed that to pass hence, the stern warning that such act must not rare its ugly head so as not to provoke the wrath of the law. He said such presumptuous act was no doubt a disservice to the industry.

Nuhu explained that the consumers whose interest are just being carefully cultivated to confidently return to air travel were already been frustrated when tickets were bought and flight did not take place.

He entreated the airliners to be patient in that aspect for now but to concentrate on their air worthiness and training which were part of the flaks delaying the restart of air travel.

In another vein, the DG denounced that NCAA granted any airline permission for any dry run from Lagos to Abuja rather a permit to airlift some passengers for a connecting flight at Abuja was granted

He said he was using the occasion to clarify the issue so as to avoid a scenario whereby another operator could request for a dry run on another route with the believe that airline A had been granted and would be expecting approval to be given on that premise and if withheld, seed of discord would have been inadvertently sowed

Hence he appealed to operators to adhere strictly to the letters and the spirit of any of the approval obtained from the regulator so as to avoid the air of confusion such substitution of approval given could create in the industry.

On the frantic effort by all stakeholders to fulfill all righteousness so as to return to the sky in earnest, he urged all concern to make frantic efforts to close all gaps as both agreed with the inspectors so that the restart will not be delayed more than necessary.

Nuhu appealed to heads of other agencies and private organizations to do the needful and provide evidence of compliance and pronto, they would be cleared. He added that tribal sentiment or witch hunting does not have a place when it comes to compliance on recommended standard of practice.     

He commended the management of Air Peace for the high level of compliance and the promptness with which identified gaps were close without much ado.

He advised other airlines to take a cue from Air Peace so that they could all rise best the present preliminary stage though very crucial and begin the real business for Nigerians and businesses to start enjoying their connectivity and for the blood to flow once again in the veins of the nation’s commercial and industrial activities.

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