June 2, 2023

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Green Africa shifts take-off date due to delay in “arrival” of AOC

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Mr Babawande Afolabi, young owner/founder, Green Africa Airways

The much-touted latest addition to Nigeria’s domestic air transport industry, Green Africa Airways, has announced the suspension of its flight bookings, and a shift of its erstwhile announced official take-off date from 24th June, which would have been two days away if all things were equal.

In a notice on the airline’s website, it said the 24th June takeoff date had been shifted to August 2021 when ostensibly, every material particular precondition to the release of the Air Operating Certificate, AOC, by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, would have been accomplished.

The airline on its website welcomes the customer to the future which is implied is already here and boldly announced that “new bookings temporarily suspended”

On the site of gAfrica, the airline that blazed the trail in crashing airfare which compelled those in operation to quickly tag along said that passengers that would reschedule to a future date would enjoy “50 per cent of full booking value in a credit shell via automated email within 7 days of flight reschedule.

In an anticipatory effort to reduce anxiety and the likely stress passengers could encounter with the shift, the airline urged those desirous of further clarification to call the gCare on 07000GREENAFRICA or send an email to gcare @greenafrica.com

Recalled last year when the custodian of aviation business began the gradual opening of the industry and some airlines yet to be cleared had started selling tickets were strongly warned by Capt Musa Nuhu, Director General, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA.

Capt Nuhu urged operators to exercise patience and allow the flight restart to take place decently and by an arrangement that imposed a duty on operators to get clearance before ticket sales. Such methodical manner rather than anticipatory Nuhu said, would make for the good of all involved, corporate and individuals, in the aviation ecosystem

The owner of the startup in the nation’s air transport space, Babawande Afolabi, described the present scenario on his website as a bumpy road that would surely impact customers and other stakeholders.

Afolabi however reiterated Green Africa Airways’ resolve to sail through and fulfil all its promises to its curious customers.

The young investment banker based in the United States reassured the general public thus, “we are confident of the NCAA’s support and commitment to get Green Africa into service, and we have also put plans in place to compensate our affected customers.”

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