November 29, 2023

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Horrible accident in Russia. Front tires explosion

As we’re now far along in the ember months, it is pertinent we share pep talk on road safety. It is incontrovertible fact that about 90 per cent of those that will be travelling now for the yuletide and the new year will be making use of road transport. Hence we find it imperative to share basic safe driving principles with our readers.

There isn’t a doubt that a tire blowout ranks the highest on any highway driver’s list of fears. With good reason, a tire burst could lead to a complete loss of car control. With SUVs and MUVs, there is the possibility of a flip-over, too. A blowout is dangerous no matter how good a driver you are or how safe your car is.

The good news is, with tire technology continually improving, blowouts are becoming an infrequent occurrence. Still, they do happen and it’s best that you know what to do if you suffer one.

Recall the event of the unfortunate death of Nigeria’s former Minister of State for Labour, due to an accident occasioned by a tire blowout a few years ago, and the fact that we have many untrained drivers, it has become pertinent to write this.

These are 7 simple steps to take within a maximum of 2 minutes and you will be safe.
The seven simple steps are as follows:

Burst tire causes vehicle somersault

(1) Start with maintaining a safe driving speed; there are just no two sides to this. The lower your speed, the higher your chance of survival. A blowout at 80–90 km/h (50–56 mph) will be far less dramatic than one at 140–150 km/h (87–93 mph). Indeed, if you survive a tire burst at 150 km/h (93 mph), consider it a gift of God.

(2) DON’T PANIC; in the event of a tire blowout, mentally calm yourself down to be able to control your body organs fast, because your car will start misbehaving and you need to take charge as calmly as possible.

(3) Hold FIRMLY; to your steering wheel with both hands. NO VIGOROUS TURNING, as you concentrate on the road and your mirrors, in seconds study the movement pattern of the car. Your car will naturally swerve to the direction of the burst tire.

(4) Gradually; take off your foot from the accelerator. DON’T EVER ATTEMPT TO PRESS THE BRAKES, IF YOU DO, YOU HAVE 95% CHANCE OF A SOMERSAULT. The car will decelerate gradually, while you concentrate on the road to avoid collision with any other road user.

(5) Disengage the gears of the car; by shifting to neutral (N) as you still maintain a firm grip on the steering wheel and put your eyes on the road.

(6) After a while; depending on your initial speed, your car comes to a speed less than 60km/h when it is now safe to GRADUALLY apply the brakes and navigate to the sidewalk

(7) Ultimately; it will now be safe to put the car to a complete stop and turn off the engine. You have just saved yourself and passengers from untimely death.
Of course, everyone in the car will be in a panic mode BUT, this is NOT THE TIME TO LISTEN TO THEM, it is TIME TO CONCENTRATE and in split seconds, take lives saving decisions

Author:-  Cdr Adonye PEPPLE 

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