June 2, 2023

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Nigeria we hail thee, our own dear native land!- Hadi Sirika

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Capt. Hadi Abubakar Sirika, Minister of Aviation, Hailing Nigeria for her 60th Birthday Anniversary

The Minister of Aviation has personally expressed pleasantry with the general public for the nation’s 60th independence anniversary.This was done in a very terse message but with an exquisite artistic work which was published in the Minister’s twitter handle and reproduced in the opening picture above.

However, the feedback from every message disseminated helps the sender measure the pulse of the receivers’ and help in the re-evaluation of whatever the issue or the object of discussion is.

Since the greeting emanated from the Minister, Nigerians seized the opportunity to express their views in an equally terse manner

Please find below the feedback from Nigerians in the country and in diaspora, randomly picked from the Minister’s twitter handle. The aggregate of opinions is no doubt instructive.  

Replying to: @hadisirika

Yes o. Happy 60th independence our own Nigeria but Sir, this covid testing wahala for arrivals wahala is too much o. Please help look into it. I’m even scared to come see my parents this Christmas. -: Raleigh@Raleigh86138198  

What is there to be hailed, a country where 2.7 billion for feeding can be stolen, a country where police brutality is a norm, a country where banditry is an acceptable means of livelihood. A country that’s constantly harassed by smaller nations like Ghana, SA etc. -: Labicas @Ifeanyi_Enyia

Happy independent the aviation minister of our time. -: Nguor Jinge @NguorJ

Hide your face in shame 60 year no single Nigeria airways, that we can be proud of, airport system is zero, extorting Nigerians that leaves abroad their sweat whenever they visit home shame on Nigeria government. -: OFM KHARKOV UKRAINE @ofmkharkivukr

Always establish your pride by raising your country’s flag up high. Let peace and harmony follow you everywhere you go. Say no to domestic abuse and violence. Let us celebrate Independence day. Have a wonderful independence anniversary. -: Usman Umar Yamel @Usee_yamel.

Correct Minister u too bam joor. Happy Independence Day sir . -: Henry @Henry58685479

Workerholic Minister, the only talk and do minister of our time. May your days be long sir… happy independence day.-: Engr. Stanley @Arinze67279077

Honorable minister, when are you having meeting with EU and Russian federation to lift travel ban on Nigeria? -: Big Afo @franzdelar

Our working HM, thank you for all you are contributing in taking the aviation industry in Nigeria to greater heights. As we celebrate Nigeria today we expect more to be done. God bless Nigeria as we await the opening of the remaining 3 int’l airports for int’l flights ops.-: Justice & Equity @best_forward

As we commemorate our independence, may it afford us the opportunity to reflect on building an enviable nation. Happy independence to you sir. -: Uche Nnamani @Unnamani1

Yes sir, you have make to be proud of my country again. God bless Nigeria. -: Barth Nku @BarthNku

October 1 is a day to remember. May today add more colours to our life as we celebrate the struggles of our past heroes. Happy Independence day. -: Usman Umar Yamel @Usee_yamel

uae immigration has rejected Nigerian visa again this morning. sir. -: Ojeogu Sunday @OjeoguSunday

God bless our honourable minister. God will answer all your secret prayers. -: Why Kay @WhyKay82591709

Sadden.-: Iniesta Alexander @IniestaAlexand1

Happy independence day to our able mentor. -: Hussaini Abdullahi Knk @HussainiKnk

Happy independence God bless Nigeria. -: Usman dangana @Usmandangana4

Where is the Air Nigeria promised?? -: Flowing Lava @empopson

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