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Senator Hadi Abubakar Sirika, Aviation Minister in Saudi Arabia for Umrah, 3rd May 2021

The Minister of Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika, who has just completed the observance of umrah this year, in Saudi Arabia, has been full of gratitude to almighty Allah, SWAT, for his grace to enable him to congregate with millions of other Muslim ummahs to raise their voices to Allah for his faithfulness, benevolence and his intervention in the challenges confronting individuals and the nation at large.

At the conclusion of all the spiritual paraphernalia at the holy land, the Minister beseeched Allah in a highly emotional tone but full of appreciation and with deep reverence for being among the multitude that took full advantage of the Ramadan as expressed in the lesser hajj

Hadi Sirika prayed thus as posted on his Twitter handle, “done with Umrah, Alhamdulillah. May Allah accept our worship, those who made it, those who couldn’t, those who made it before, those who will make it later & those who may never make it. May Allah make our lives easy always and grant us Firdaus, through His mercy & compassion” Ameena!!!

Casting a retrospective look on the tasks at hand in the Minister’s portfolio, aviation, no one will be in doubt of the importance of divine intervention to make the meditation by the Minister as severally vocalized in various fora since 2016 to date for aviation in Nigeria, and the Aviation Road Map, to be acceptable before the almighty so that the taxpayers could heave a sigh of relieve when they could make a modicum of harvest from the humongous votes already sunk into the various arm of the industry- air navigation, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Consultancy, Airports Management Services, National Airline, Airport Concession, etc,

And as in the words of the prayer by the Honourable Minister in the holy land, the entire stakeholders in the industry will surely join and be in the spirit of the prayer said by Senator Sirika thus, “may Allah make our lives easy always and grant us Firdaus”

No one would be left in doubt on the Minister’s assumption of office in 2016, that he was resolutely determined to give aviation a rebirth and make it a delightsome experience for aviators and all other stakeholders in all the arms of the air transport value chain.

A cursory look at the “Road Map” launched with glee to the applause of stakeholders and by extension to the world have wittingly provided stakeholders a barometer by which to measure how far the minister has covered on the agenda he had set out for himself to achieve.

The minister in 2016 presented to the public the “Aviation Road Map”. It was a set of programs and projects to be executed with the view to give a lift to the industry. The whole of Africans, not only Nigerians at home and in the diaspora, were delighted by the gleam of hope contained in the document dubbed the “Aviation Road Map”.

The said road map had eight major headings with a lot of prospects to transform air transportation in Nigeria. The content of the road map are:-

ROAD MAP-CONTENT [Launched 2016]

  1. Airport concession
  2. Designation of airports for trade/economic processing zone
  3. National airline
  4. Aviation leasing company
  5. Establishment of a Maintenance Repairs & Overhaul, MRO, facility
  6. Development of Agro Cargo/Allied Airports
  7. Establishment of Aerospace University
  8. Development of an Airport City- Aerotropolis.
Senator Hadi A. Sirika, Aviation Minister

Six years down the line, it is very sad to note that this lofty Road Map that hinges on the above fantastic eight critical elements with a potential to spew 360 degres transformation of the air transport industry, has not gone beyond mere intention.

Not a single aspect of these eight points has been executed to a logical conclusion and make to stand out. The Yoruba legend has a proverb that “the deity we worship but chose not to acquaint our children with its mode of veneration, shall go defunct in no time”

It is disheartening to note that not a single stakeholder can explain in clear unambiguous term to anyone, the modus operandi of attaining any of the eight lofty points in the road map.

The perceived snag among others is, not any other person can tell anyone what stage is any of the items on the road map except the minister. This no doubt is an aberration. The nomenclature, Four-man is a mere accolade as no one person can perform the task of four men.

For example, the airport concession that the Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, ought to be the arrowhead and should be talking glowingly and convincingly about its benefits at every forum, merely etched a picture of only and only the minister’s thing. This surely is not too good.

This regime has completed over 70 per cent of its shelf life. About 10 per cent of the 30 per cent remaining time could be expended on critical project. The remaining 20 per cent or more will be plunged into a political campaign, lobbying, and projects ostensibly would be stalled.

As it is often said that the sun still shining outdoor is sufficient to dry cloths spread on the lawn, that means if the pace of project execution is given a shot in the arm, we can still harvest few laudable programs before October 2022.

For example, on airport concession, members of a committee who once worked on it about 15 years ago are still alive. Inviting them to compare notes could bring about speedy completion in just one calendar year.

Also on the national carrier, we have tested and proven experts and senior citizens who all have name to protect who have variously said they are willing to offer their services for gratis to birth the national airline. Why can’t we tap into these invaluable assets and gifts in men the aviation industry in Nigeria is endowed?

On the prayers of the minister at the holy land which has been rightly extended to, insha Allahu, impact and guide aviation in Nigeria, here are few of representative sample reactions of Nigerians to the minister’s supplication;


The Minister’s prayer as posted @hadisirika 3rd May 2021 @ 8.44pm, from Saudi Arabia, goes thus;
“Done with Umrah, Alhamdulillah. May Allah accept our worship, those who made it, those who couldn’t, those who made it before, those who will make it later & those who may never make it. May Allah make our lives easy always and grant us Firdaus, through His mercy & compassion”.

halilu isa
Replying to
Masha Allah, May Allah SWA accept our ibadat Ameen summa ameen.


Replying to
Amin ya Allah. May Allah answer all your prayers. Muma Allah ya bamu nasara akan bukatunmu

Replying to
Firdausi — an ultimate goal. Allaah Ya kashe mu da imani. Pls sir, when u return home, endeavor to feed the hungry stomachs in ur immediate community. Allaah Ya baku; Ku taimaka wa bayinsa. Allaah Ya datar damu baki daya

Replying to
Amen but sir you are not making life easy for people concerning the issue of flight btw Nig – UAE. You should pity your citizens that have lost jobs, money and some that are about to due to the ban. We need an update, we need it. Pls kindly say something

Replying to
Dear Honorable Minister, Did you travel by Nigeria Air? If not, why not?

Abdullahi Yehuza
Replying to
May God accept ur ibadat, but one things u leader fail to understand is that, if there’s corruption in that holy country, u people could have not go there, make nigeria great like that place u went to

Adeola Adebayor
Replying to
im sure you are happy because you made it to 2021 umrah.can you allow others to, sby updating well meaning nigerians on the resumption of flight between NIG and UAE.thank you.


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