June 6, 2023

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Two travellers to pay $40,000 fine for flouting Canada’s entry requirements

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Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada

The Canadian government has fined two Americans about $40,000 CAD, (Canadian Dollar) for entering into the country without compliance with the entry requirements in relation to the COVID-19 protocol for travellers arriving in Canada.

According to the Canadian Public Health Agency, the travellers were found guilty of a four-count charge of, providing false information related to proof of vaccination, skipped pre-departure tests, failed to comply with Canadian government requirements related to on-arrival testing, and skipped staying at government-approved accommodation, the agency said in a news release.

The two travellers reportedly arrived in Toronto during the week. The sum of each of the four counts amounted to $19,720 for each traveller. Hence the duo were to pay the total sum of $39,440 (CAD), about N13 million only.

The health agency in the media statement said, “all travellers arriving in Canada are obligated by Canadian law to respond truthfully to all questions,”

In Canada, providing false information and/or documents to a Government official upon entry to Canada or making false statements or presenting fraudulent documents, such as vaccination credentials, is a serious offence and may result in fines and/or criminal charges.

Penalties for submitting false information on vaccination status can go up to $750,000 or six months in prison, or both, the Public Health Agency said.

Meanwhile, the government has begun implementation of some exceptions since 5th July, for fully vaccinated travellers to enter Canada with eased quarantine and testing requirements.

However, since 9th August, a mandatory three-night hotel stay was eliminated for all travellers arriving by air and fully vaccinated travellers exempted from quarantine.

By the 7th of September, the government of Canada plans to open to any fully vaccinated travellers who have been inoculated with a Canada-accepted vaccine and who meet all of the country’s entry requirements.

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