November 29, 2023

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An unruly passenger, OGHENEMINI OYIBO GREAT, has been barred from flying in and out of Abuja airport, by the airport manager, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN.

OYIBO GREAT was to catch a 20:10hrs Air Peace flight to Benin on Saturday, 25th March 2023, but the flight experienced a delay.

Hence the passenger was thrown into a rage, and in the ensuing melee, conducted himself in an ungentle manner at the boarding gate door, and damaged its lock.

According to a media statement by FAAN, and signed by Faithful A. Hope-Ivbaze (Mrs), the Acting General Manager, Corporate Affairs, “no major injury was sustained by the passengers and staff”.

However, the unruly passenger was arrested by aviation security personnel ably assisted by other security arms and handed to the Crime Intelligence and Investigation Unit (CIIU), Office of Aviation Security.

The suspect, OGHENEMINI OYIBO GREAT, with seat number 10c, Air Peace Flight P47172, was transferred to the Airport Police Command on transfer form number 0387470 and was received by Inspector Benson with force identification number 17289.

Hence, the FAAN management placed it in the public domain and declared Mr. OGHENEMINI OYIBO GREAT, a persona non-grata.

The statement added that henceforward, “he will no longer be allowed to fly out or into Abuja airport”.

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