June 6, 2023

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Arik Display Shelf At Murtala Mohammed Airport, MMA1, Ikeja, Lagos

There is no gainsaying the fact that since the airport facility manager’s head office has shifted to the seat of government in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja, sporadic but easily manageable anomalies have been rearing their ugly heads. And they can easily be put to check without much ado, but awareness is first and foremost very critical.

Emerging but un-wholesome sights have currently caught the lens of our ace cameraman. The sights have most likely be those that are in need of a form of medical attention but have suddenly found the newly refurbished bus shelters at Murtala Muhammed Airport, MMIA, a safe haven perhaps, to regain their sanity. The bus shelter aesthetics might have elicited some in-explainable attraction to this group of people.

A wanderer at Beesam Bus Shelter

However, the situation is mild and is surmountable and can swiftly be prevented henceforth. The Passenger lull being experienced might have created a void in the usage of the bus shelters meant for passengers and other airport users.


To the passengers and other airport users, you’re hereby advised not to panic when after few minutes of waiting for a cab or shuttle bus, you’re able to establish the status of the other by-stander.

A wanderer Standing Closely to the Airport Police Station

Not to jump to the highway on impulse. That may likely be more dangerous than what you intend to avoid. Some of them often politely will solicit for financial assistance. You may wish to give to further calm the likely neuro challenge of your fellow by-stander.

At another occasion, you are most likely to have identified the by-stander mental status while approaching the bus shelter. In that case, you have a very brief time to decide how you’ll safely stand at the bus shelter without heightened fuss.

A wanderer cooling off at Junction Bus Shelter

There is no iota of doubt that this microenvironmental challenge will be put to check by the managers of the airport, within a couple of days.

A wanderer by the entrance to the domestic terminals

The above was observed on different days in the outgone week, and it deserves to be promptly nipped in the bud.

By: NTH Roving Correspondent. Photo Credit: Isaac Jimoh Ayodele

Olufemi Fowora


ABOUT 50 million Nigerians are suffering from at least one form of mental illness or the other which has prevented them from earning income, supporting themselves and their families financially.

The need to tackle rising mental illness in the country has prompted Nigerian businessman and philanthropist, Olufemi Fowora to establish a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in the memory of his late father, Otunba Emmanuel Olufemi Fowora. The NGO will raise N500 million to promote mental health and tackle mental illnesses in the country.

According to Fowora, the foundation will provide N500 million towards combating the scourge of mental illness in Nigerian communities.

Recounting his battle with mental illness, Fowora said, “People erroneously assume that because you are well-to-do, you cannot be depressed. My reality was very different and for over two years, I felt the full wrath of depression. It was impossible to socialise, I didn’t earn any income throughout the period and I was plagued with unspeakable dark thoughts.

“One in four Nigerians – about 50 million people in total – is suffering from at least one form of mental illness and I have found that it is very difficult to get the requisite help. At present, there are only eight federal neuropsychiatric hospitals in the country, and while some non-profit organisations are doing their best to provide help to affected persons, there is still a huge gap to be filled.”

While Fowora hopes that in the near future the government will commit more resources to ensure Nigerians are afforded the much-needed access to care, he praised the effort of kind citizens who have set up laudable initiatives and structures to provide support to those battling with mental illness.

He went further to call upon other well-meaning individuals and organisations to contribute towards making the Nigerian society safer and healthier for all. “To kick start this vision, I have committed N50 million in my personal capacity and I look forward to celebrating the impact of our collective effort across Nigerian communities,” Fowora concluded.

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