June 8, 2023

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Demand for flight ban to California heightens as a new strain of COVID-19 discovered

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Oakland International Airport, California, USA

The new strain of COVID-19 said to be 70 per cent more deadly and highly more contagious which was initially found in the United Kingdom has also now been found in California, United States of America, USA.

California State Governor, Gavin Newsom, confirmed that a case of the coronavirus strain was reported, but did not specify the exact place in the state it was found. However, another case was reported in Colorado.

The San Diego County officials confirmed they had found the highly dangerous strain in a 30-year-old man who tested positive after developing symptoms last Sunday.

According to Juergen Steinmetz, founder of World Tourism Network, WTN, both patients had no history of travel indicating that the virus might be spreading at the community level.

An official in the San Diego County, Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, said the infected 30-year-old man had no travel history.

Nathan Fletcher further said that findings about the infected person’s travel history revealed the case was no longer isolated, but one that borders on the communities in the San Diego County.

In the light of these facts, the World Tourism Network, WTN, called for an immediate stoppage for flights from and to California.

According to the report filed by Etn, “the virus in the UK prompted the European Union, the Gulf Countries, Russia, and many more to isolate Britain, thus stopping all traffic to and from the United Kingdom”.

Etn news report revealed that “In the United States, people are still flying in and out of California in record numbers. New Year travel is higher than expected, putting the rest of the US in danger”.

Etn noted that “Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco remain the major airline hubs for international flights from all over the world”.

It reported that “Hospitals in Los Angeles County are overwhelmed and report chaotic scenes”.

While it further revealed that, “New York and Hawaii are trying to protect their states in making a negative test mandatory when arriving, but with the number of flights from Southern California operating, the situation will also put New York and Hawaii in danger” it reported.

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