June 2, 2023

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EASTER FESTIVITY: MMA2 guarantees safety, security, comfort of passengers

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MMA2 passenger hall, off peak period

Managers of Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two, MMA2, Bicourtney Aviation Services Ltd, BASL, has reassured its clintelle and numerous passengers that will be using the terminal during the Easter season that everything to enhance comfort and safety have been made available at the terminal.

In a statement by BASL, it reminded passengers to leave their homes or offices in good time so as to avoid traffic delays on their way in order to arrive the airport in goodtime to be able to cope well with the new normal that awaits them at the terminal.

The airport managers said the biosecurity in place is no respecter of persons as every person that step into the terminal must be properly kitted with nose mask properly worn.

It also reminded travelers and other airport users that irrespective of the hand sanitizers in their possession, they would have to avail themselves of provisions at the terminal.

The bio thermal gauge will also be used in conformity to the new protocol prescribed by the National Center for Disease Control, NCDC, and fine-tuned by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, for use by the air transport industry in Nigeria as obtain globally.

The media statement appeal to everyone making use of the most efficient and award-winning terminal to be patient with its personnel as all that takes place in the facility is to protect the health and safety of every user of the facility.

It assured that irrespective of the expected surge in aircraft movements and that of passengers too, adequate provisions are already in place to absorb its effect without taking any toll on the passengers and other airport users.

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