June 8, 2023

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I Remember This Car Very Well, A Citreon

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Growing up in Oke-Ado, Ibadan, around NTC Road, the Citreon was the cynosure of kids and grown-ups and my friends would swear the car would swim in the biggest of the oceans.

Who wouldn’t believe them if you saw how the car shifts itself up and swims through the Ibadan floods like a submarine?

I could have given an arm and perhaps added a leg just for me to get a ride in one of these cars.

And I nearly achieved that when a classmate’s parent brought him to school (Ebenezer Oke-Ado) in one of these cars on a rainy day. I had to force myself to make friends with the bully of a boy, but it didn’t work out the way I planned.

One, we don’t stay in the same area, two, he was too arrogant for my liking, three, I had to go for an extra lesson in Mr Ladipo’s home lesson after school.

Citroen C3. 2011

You ask whether I’m still in love with the car, my answer is yes. But I don’t think they make such cars again.

I will just like to satisfy my childhood curiosity, to know what makes or made the car tick? Or just to have it in one’s garage as a memento of our growing up years.

Now I know the car dare not “gbe saraa koja mosalasi” (go beyond it’s bounds) by venturing in larger waters, but one thing is clear: They don’t make cars this elegant again. Or they still do?

** PADE OLAPOJU: Production Editor, NEW Telegraph

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