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UNA Announces Stowaway Inducing Delays, Cancellations

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Stowaway in a wheel-well

United Nigeria Airlines, UNA, has announced the discovery of a middle-aged man in one of its aircraft during a preflight inspection this morning, at the Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two, MMA2, Ikeja. The unwanted guest presumed a stowaway was found ensconced in the aircraft in the wee hours of today, 4th September 2022.

A media statement by the airline said the stowaway was a middle-aged man, who reportedly looked unkempt and was suspected to have likely lost his mind.

He had been arrested and taken in for interrogation.

The media statement from UNA and signed by Achilleus-Chud Uchegbu, Head, Corporate Communications, explained the aircraft last operated Abuja-Lagos at 7.30 pm yesterday, Saturday, 3rd September 2022, and was securely parked at the apron following a post-flight inspection.

The statement, however, noted that aviation security operatives with the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, AVSEC and the Bicourtney security services were on the ground and an investigation had been opened into this security breach at MMA2.

Also, the statement said the affected aircraft had been screened and prepared for service in accordance with United Nigeria Airlines’ strict security and operations standards.

The airline pleaded that the development will result in the rescheduling of some flights to accommodate the paraphernalia of investigation.

The statement appealed to the passengers thus, “we regret the delay this incident will cause our esteemed customers whose scheduled flight will be affected”.

It claimed that “United Nigeria Airlines remains absolutely committed to your safety at all times”.


Meanwhile, it is yet to be very clear if the suspect was actually a stowaway or someone who was overwhelmed by the socio-economic and security issues of the country and experienced a momentary loss of mind.

Britannica Dictionary defines STOWAWAY as “someone who hides on a ship, aeroplane, etc., in order to travel without paying or being seen”.

However, if none of the elements such as the intention to travel without paying or the intention to hide throughout the flight to stealthily arrive at his destination, could be established, then the uninvited guest may be something else but not a stowaway.

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