May 30, 2023

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I have just read your recently published report titled, ‘’LAMENTATION OF AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS DENIED TRAINING TO CATCH UP WITH GLOBAL STANDARDS’’ and here is my reaction. 

First in the indigenous Yoruba Language; ‘ko si abuja ni oro ope’. When translated literally into English, it means that, “a palm wine tapper that suffers the unfortunate experience of having a break (or cut) in his/her climbing rope or belt half-way up or half-way down a tall palm tree, may not likely have the luxury of a second chance; death or a very serious injury is the certain end result”!

Relating the foregoing to our country’s NCAA, NAMA, and FAAN, which manage Nigeria’s Aviation Industry along with the Federal Ministry of Aviation, I hardly need to reiterate that all over the world, there is near ‘ZERO TOLERANCE’ for errors and accidents in the Aviation Industry.

The consequences of mistakes in the Control Tower, unevenness of the Runway, foreign objects in the path of aircraft {such as Cattle or Birds as we have witnessed before in Nigeria}, whilst taking off or landing, conflicting and or misleading instructions to Pilots from Air Traffic Control on the landing altitude and correct runway to approach, Pilots who are not Instrument Trained, but brave flying at Night and/or against warnings of possible bad weather, are just a few examples of where things may go (terribly) wrong.

We all know how devastating air accidents can be, when they do occur, . . . even to those residing near Airports or the conurbations along the trajectory of the aircraft when it comes down. Insurance payments are only a very poor substitute and indeed can never replace departed loved ones, parents, siblings, and so on and so forth.


Two recent victims of light aircraft accidents; 1.) Pharmacist Suntai, a former Governor of Taraba State and his Biological Brother. Pharmacist Suntai was also a Licensed Pilot. 2.) Mr. Kennedy, Jnr., son of late President John Fitzgerald Kennedy of the United States of America.

In a Media Report, a Journalist presented the facts of the incident under the caption, . . .”the Kennedy CURSE (of thriving on high risk behavior)”.

Mr. Kennedy, Jnr., was flying an aircraft at night despite a warning of possible bad weather and knowing quite well that he was not ‘INSTRUMENT TRAINED’, so as to be able to switch over to “auto – pilot”.

Commercial Aircraft Accidents, which are still fresh in the memory of Nigerians include the fatal Sosoliso Crash in Port Harcourt, the ADC Crash shortly after take-off in Abuja, the Dana Air Crash in the precinct of MMA, Ikeja, Lagos, to mention just a few.

The Hercules C130 Air Transport Military Plane, which crashed in a swampy part of Lagos (just before General I. B. Babangida “stepped aside” as our President), and wiped out almost a whole generation of Nigeria’s very promising middle ranking Army Officers, cannot easily be forgotten.

I knew one of the victims of the Military Accident in person; . . . Major Oisamoje, who I interacted with a few times whilst on an Assignment at ANs Barracks, Yaba, Lagos, between 1987 and 1988. May the Souls of the faithful departed, Rest In Peace, RIP, Amen.

Bringing all the foregoing to the context of this contribution on Nigeria’s Aviation Industry and the emphasis of its Managers or their alleged scanty regard for the Training of its core Technical and Operational Staff, especially Air Traffic Controllers, the way out of the morass lies in constant reminders by Gentlemen of the Press, as well as pressure Groups of organized Labor Unions in the Aviation Industry. This will keep those concerned with decision making ‘on their toes’ to do the right thing, at the right time, ALWAYS.

Information and Communication Technology permits a lot of Training to be done ‘ON – LINE’ these days, which will save a lot of costs in Foreign Exchange for Nigeria. Where necessary, specialist Training Service Providers may be brought into the country to provide Training In-Plant for NCAA, NAMA, and FAAN Personnel as well as their counterparts in the Ministry of Aviation.
Support Staff in the Admin and HR Department(s) of these Government Agencies should jettison their alleged ‘selfish interest’ in taking up large chunks of the Government Training Budget for themselves alone. Where necessary and clearly indispensable, overseas Training should be provided without being niggardly or stingy about Funding.

Long Live The Federal Republic Of Nigeria; May God Continue To Grant Wisdom To Our Rulers.

Engr. Afolabi O. Adedeji
M.Sc.(Construction Management); MBA; FNSE; FCMI
Afolabi Adedeji & Associates (‘AA&A’)
[Consulting & Training in Facilities Management, Etc.]
Victoria Island, Lagos

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  1. 👍🏽👌🏾You said it all my brother. Training, training and training. If we can not spend 10% of the cost of equipment on training its managers, we should forget the buying. Peace

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